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Douglas W. Green


Douglas has always been a child of science fiction. From the first Star Trek Episode to the most recent movies, anything and everything sci-fi has consumed his attention.

Writing fiction stories since he was a child in Elementary School, his mind was in the stars. What is out there? How fast can we go see it? What’s beyond the next star?

An early fan of Ray Bradbury, Issac Asimov and Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Doug was inventing self-driving cars and virtual A.I. Assistants while others were marveling at the new color television sets in the late 50’s.

Doug still has a framed, hand written letter from Sir Clarke that he felt inspired to seek out after devouring the Rama series of Clarke’s novels. Sir Arthur told him to let his imagination take him wherever it wanted, for there he would find his future.

"What if you suddenly discovered that everything you knew about history was a LIE? What would you do?"


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